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5 Question Types in the PTE Speaking Section


The 5 Question Types in the PTE 'Speaking' Section

Part 1 (out of 3) of the PTE test is the Speaking and Writing Section. This section typically contributes to 77-93 minutes out of the approximate overall time of 3 hours. 

In the Speaking section, you will be assessed on how well you can produce and speak english in an articulate, fluent and easily understandable manner.

The 2 KEY ELEMENTS that are being tested in this section is your fluency and pronunciation.


Question Type 1: Read Aloud

These questions require you to look at a text or passage (max. 60 words) and read it aloud to the computer.

It is important to remember to speak fluently and focus on pronunciation.

You must speak clearly straight after you hear the prompt and finish speaking by the end of the allocated time.


There can be 6-7 of these questions.


Question Type 2: Repeat Sentence

‘Repeat Sentence’ questions require you to listen to a short audio recording and repeat it back to the computer within 15 seconds. Must be clear, concise and fluent. This audio recording can be between 3-9 seconds and you are given 15 seconds to answer. This question type also tests your short memory and can be particularly tricky for older people who may have difficulty hearing as you only have one chance to hear it.


There can be 10-12 of these questions in your exam.


Question Type 3: Describe Image

These questions require you to look at a picture and talk fluently up to 40 seconds describing the image. After being shown the image, you only have 25 seconds to prepare your response. For practice, you should try to focus on the 35-second mark. These images usually consist of a bar graph, line chart or pie chart although can also include an image, such as a picture of a famous figure.

You would talk about the advantages and disadvantages, ensuring your response is concise, precise and fluent. You must ensure you speak as much as possible in the allotted time.


There can be 6-7 questions of this type.


Question Type 4: Retell Lecture

‘Retell Lecture’ questions require you to listen to an audio recording and summarise in 40 seconds. 

Don't Worry! You do have some time to write down and prepare some notes. One important tip is to make sure you have lots of the keywords mentioned in the recording of your answer.


There can be 3-4 of these questions.


Question Type 5: Answer Short Question

This question type is very simple. It requires you to listen to a short question and answer it testing your vocabulary. You will hear the audio between 3-9 seconds and have 10 seconds to answer the question. 

You must be sure to answer as clearly as possible using single words as you receive 1 point for each correct word.


This final question type can be between 10-12 questions.


HOT TIP: For the Speaking section, use the free online software 'dictation.io'.

This software allows you to record what you say and converts it to text in real time. By seeing if it picks up the correct words, you are able to test your pronunciation and how clear you are speaking.


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