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5 Question Types in the PTE Reading Section


The 5 Question Types in the PTE 'Reading' Section

Part 2 (out of 3) of the PTE exam is the ‘Reading’ section. This section of the PTE exam typically takes about 32-40 minutes out of the approximate 3 hours.

In the 'Reading" section you will be assessed on your ability to read and interpret an academic English text. These questions require to identify the topic and its supporting points and understand the examples and the author's intention or tone.

Note: It is important to note that this section also assesses a component of the writing section and contributes to your writing score.


Question Type 1: Multiple Choice - One Response

These questions require you to carefully read and understand the text and select one correct response.

This question tests your ability to understand the main concept of the passage and analyse and understand the author's main purpose or tone.


Question Type 2: Multiple Choice - Multiple Responses

Similar to the first question type, although it requires you to select multiple answers as more than one response is correct.

One tip is to read the given options first before you read the text as it can save you time.


Question Type 3: Reorder Paragraph

This question type tests your understanding of paragraph structure.

The sections of a paragraph are jumbled as it is up to you to put the paragraph back together by rearranging the structure. You must make sure you read each sentence carefully and double check your answer to make sure it makes sense.

Pay close attention to repeated words, nouns and adjectives as it can give you small hints.

It is recommended that you do not spend more than 1.5 minutes on each question.


Question Type 4: Fill in the blanks

This section requires you to read a passage with gaps in-between.

It is up to you to fill the gaps with the correct response from a list of given words. It is important you understand the main idea of the sentence before selecting the word.


CAREFUL. There can be more words than gaps provided.


Question Type 5: Reading and Writing - Fill in the blanks

This question type requires you to read a passage and fill in the blanks using the drop down boxes on the computer screen.

You must be very careful as many of the answer options may sound similar but may have different meanings. Make sure you understand the overall sentence to ensure the correct response makes sense.


DONT BE ALARMED: Although it is called 'Reading and Writing' there is no writing involved. 


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