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Where to book my PTE test?



What is PTE Academic?

PTE Academic is an English Language Proficiency test. It is taken entirely on a computer using a microphone and headphones. To learn more about how the exam works, check out our previous blog post and the PTE website.


Where should I book my PTE test?

You can take your test at many centres across Australia (and overseas). To find your nearest centre click here.



Some popular centres in Melbourne are:


RMIT Training Pty Ltd

Level 10, 235-251 Bourke Street, Melbourne


Pearson Professional Centers-Melbourne

Level 14, 300 La Trobe Street, Melbourne


PLT at Cliftons Melbourne

Level 1, 440 Collins Street, Melbourne


Melbourne Polytechnic

Building E Room 315, 77 St Georges Road, Preston


Some popular centres in Sydney are:


Central Queensland University -Sydney

CQUniversity Australia, Level 7, 400 Kent Street, Sydney


PLT at Cliftons Sydney

Level 12, 60 Margaret Street, Sydney


Pearson Professional Centers-Sydney, Australia

Level 2, 10 Bridge Street, Sydney


Navitas English Test Centre - Sydney

Level 3, 255 Elizabeth St, Sydney


The Day of the Exam

On the day of the exam you will need to:


  • Arrive at least 30 minutes early to pass through security
  • Present your identification (usually a passport)
  • Sign in digitally
  • Have your photo taken
  • Place your belongings in a locker


You don’t need to bring a pen or any stationery - the examiners will provide you with everything you need to take the test.

For more information on what to expect on test day, click here.


What is the exam room like?

Our students are often surprised that when they take their PTE Academic exam, there are other people in the exam room. The average number of test-takers in a room is 10. That means there may be 5 other people in your room, or maybe 20! This really depends on the testing centre.


But don’t worry, you will get a private cubicle to take your test. Just beware: there will be some background noise from other test-takers. Especially during the Speaking section. So it is also good to practise your concentration skills before taking the test.


Pearson has created a short video to show you what to expect on exam day. WATCH IT HERE >>> https://youtu.be/Vn7yRDV1tck


Can I take a PTE mock test?

Absolutely. Taking a mock test before your real exam is one of the best things you can do to improve your score. Practice makes perfect, right? There are a few ways you can do this:


  1. Come to a Computer Session class at English Key where you can use our PTE software to practise real example questions with a headset microphone - just like in the real exam. BONUS: Using our materials you also get to check the answers and explanations.

  2. Purchase an official practice test from the Pearson website. There are two practice tests available. You can buy 1 or 2 practice tests. Prices vary between $35.99 and $59.99 (USD - the prices are in United States Dollars by the way!). Click here for more information and to buy a test.

    *As an English Key student you are welcome to come and do your practice test at English Key using our laptops and headsets. Just get in touch with us to arrange a day and time.

  3. You can also find some free practice materials and free sample questions on the Pearson website and of course, as part of your PTE Academic preparation course at English Key.

How to book a PTE Exam


Now that you know what to expect, the next thing to do is: book your test!


  1. Go to the Pearson website: http://pearsonpte.com/book/
  2. Create an account
  3. Sign in with your account and book your test

Too easy!


Note: Many of the most popular centres are booked out weeks in advance. So, if you prefer to do your test at a specific centre, make sure you book well in advance!

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