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Repeat Sentence Practice

Repeat Sentence Practice in PTE Academic


Repeat Sentence Practice


Need to practise your Speaking for PTE Academic? Need to practice the Repeat Sentence task? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve prepared some practice tasks just for you...


About the task

In case you haven’t checked our last blog post describing the Repeat Sentence item type, here is a quick explanation:


Repeat Sentence is a short answer task in the Speaking section (Part 1) of PTE Academic. This task tests your Speaking and Listening skills and grades you on Oral Fluency, Pronunciation and Content.

In this task you:


  • Listen to a sentence 3-9 seconds long
  • Repeat the sentence exactly as you hear it
  • You have 15 seconds to speak
  • You will do 10-12 Repeat Sentence tasks


In this blog post we have provided you with some practice!


Before you begin


Before you start practising, you should open a program to record yourself. That way you can listen to yourself and identify mistakes. You can also compare it with the original recording. Furthermore, if you are a student of English Key, you can send them to us and one of our teachers will provide you with personal feedback!


How To Make A Recording


To make a recording, you can use your mobile phone’s audio recorder, or your laptop.

If you’d like to use voice recognition software - the software that turns your speech into text - here are a few suggestions (though there are many apps and different software available!):


Google Docs

Dragon Recorder



Although the PTE Academic recording software is much more advanced, these will give you a good idea if you are pronouncing the words correctly. Once you have finished the exercises here, you can check your answers by comparing what the recording software has written with the answers at the end of the blog.


The Practice


Now it’s time for the practice!


  1. Listen to the sentence carefully.
  2. When the audio has finished, repeat the sentence into your voice recorder.
  3. Say the sentence only once as clearly as you can, copying the speakers stress and intonation.
  4. Complete all recordings.
  5. Check your answers.
  6. If you made an audio recording, send the audio file to us at English Key!





Further Practice


For even more practice, join a PTE preparation course at English Key. We have a centre in Melbourne, as well as courses online, and you can get feedback from professional, native teachers. Contact us today for more info.


For some online practice, here are some great websites that will help hone your skills for the Repeat Sentence task on PTE Academic:


  • A fantastic resource to get you started, especially if you have a lot of trouble with this task and you need to start simple - there are lots of very short sentences, but occasionally some long ones too!
  • Here are more repeating exercises. Especially helpful for students who have trouble pronouncing ‘l’s and ‘r’s and words that end with ‘p’.
  • A great site to practice specifics - it even has it’s own voice recorder!
  • And here is a whole practice test!




  • If you believe your results are incorrect, you may request a review of your marks.
  • Students must make themselves available for the duration of the formal exam period.
  • Life expectancy in Ancient Rome was from 20 to 30 years.
  • It’s important that you hand in all assignments on time.
  • Perspective-taking is the ability to see things from the other person’s point of view.
  • A complex sentence contains an independent clause and at least one dependent clause.
  • Don't forget to check your calendar for important academic dates.
  • Wild and majestic, wolves have held a central role in nature and mythology.
  • Studies have shown that watching cat videos on the Internet boosts positive emotions.
  • The largest wildcat in North America is the jaguar, which can be found in Mexico's southern jungles.
  • Pesticides may be used on organic food as long as they are not synthetic.
  • Please read the brochure before registering for classes.



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