Frequently asked questions


Where is ENGLISH KEY located?

Our office is located right next door to Melbourne Central Train Station at Level 6, 313 La Trobe Street, Melbourne.

What are your opening hours if I want to visit?

We are open during the following times
Monday - Thursday : 9:30am - 8pm
Friday - Saturday : 9:30am - 4pm

Prospective students are welcome to visit us unannounced anytime during these hours. However, please be aware that in Melbourne our building is locked after 6pm and on weekends so you will need to call us on 0410 030 990 during these periods so that we can come downstairs and give you access.

What time will my classes be each week?

We conduct up to 50 hours of classes each week most days between 10am to 9pm Monday to Thursday and 10am to midday on Friday and Saturday.
You will also have access to your personal online student portal where you will be able to select which classes you would like to attend each week.

Does English Key have computers so students can practise in exam conditions?

Yes, we have a number of laptops with headsets that are connected to a central server so that students can practise PTE exercises and exam questions.

What if I only want help in 1, 2 or 3 parts of the PTE OR IELTS exams rather than all sections?

That's fine - when we send students the schedule you will be able to see what part of the exam each class is looking at and you will be able to select classes that focus on the sections where you need help.

What if I can't attend a class that I have scheduled?

Students need to try and attend all the classes that they reserve a space in. However, if you are unable to attend a class and provide us with 24 hours notice, then, so long as there is another class with space in it, we will be happy to reschedule you for another class in the same week.

How long is each class?

Class durations vary from branch to branch. But typically a class may go for 1-2 hours but is often immediatelly followed by another class.

Is there an extra cost for the materials and homework?

All materials and homework are included free of charge.

I have never done the (PTE OR IELTS) exam before, will I be taught about how all 4 sections of the exam work?

Yes, if you have never done the exam, before the first class you will have a brief overview session that explains the four sections of the exam and their key features, you will also be able to use of our mock exams to become familiar with the exam:

  • Number of questions.
  • Types of questions.
  • Time limit.
  • Criteria used to determine your score.
  • Key problem areas.

Do I ever get one-on-one time with the teacher?

We set aside time every week in which students can come and meet with one of our teachers one-to-one to discuss their essays and/or any doubts or concerns they have about the exam or homework. This is a free service as part of each student’s course.

Will I have the opportunity to do practice exams?

Yes - for both PTE and IELTS, each week students have the option of coming to a practice exam. For PTE students we also provide original computer based practice exams. These practice exams are different to the ones you can buy in any of the official PTE books. You can use our practice exams at home or on our laptops.

If I still need help after my course finishes, can I purchase another course?

Yes, we have a number of different flexible options for students who need ongoing support. We want to see you pass the exam as quickly as possible, but if you need longer, we are here to help you.

If I have a particular concern about a particular area of the exam, will you give me more support in this area?

Yes, something that makes us a little different to other schools is that we take the time to deliver personalised courses catered to the needs of each student. We have a large resource-base of material to draw upon so we are always ready to support each student with any specific problems that he or she may have.

If I require help in the writing section of the exam, can I submit essays for marking and correction? Is there an additional charge for this?

Students receive a band score, corrections, feedback and homework based on their mistakes for an unlimited amount of essays that they submit during their course. This is included in the price of your course. We will also give you personalised feedback and tips on your writing in class.

Will I receive homework?

Yes you will receive personalised homework throughout each week that is related to the exam as well as grammar and vocabulary exercises related to areas of your English that are affecting your score in the exam.

Do the teachers provide feedback in class

. Yes, teachers give valuable feedback and support students in the classes.

What is ENGLISH KEY'S Educational Methodology?

We place a heavy emphasis on personalisation by adapting the course to each student's needs in the exam.

Our method is focussed on developing each student's own critical awareness of their abilities so that their "internal teacher" can help them during the exam.

We have developed a unique methodology called POMAT (PATTERNS OF MISTAKES ANALYSIS & TARGETING) to identify where each student is repeating the same mistakes. After identifying these Patterns of Mistakes we then ANALYSE them with the students and then support those students to TARGET those areas.

I am interstate or overseas. Can you help me?

We currently offer an online essay correction and feedback option for PTE and IELTS students not based on Melbourne. Personalised individual Skype classes are also available for both enrolled students and for interstate or international students. Please ask the branch that you contact.

Should I take PTE OR IELTS?

We are often asked this question and our advice depends on the circumstances of each individual.

Take for example an individual who requires a score of 7 in IELTS and who has achieved 7 or above in all sections except for Writing (6.5). In this case we would probably recommend that he or she stay with IELTS as they probably just require help identifying their PATTERNS OF MISTAKES in their writing.

On the other hand, if a student requires 7 in IELTS but is getting below 7 in all sections, then we would recommend that he or she change to PTE as it is generally considered an easier option by many students.

So in answer to this question, this is best discussed by calling us or coming in for a consultation so that we can evaluate your situation.

Are PTE & IELTS Classes taught separately?

Yes, we use different materials and have a different focus for PTE classes compared to IELTS classes.

For example PTE Speaking places a greater emphasis on intonation and word stress (elements of fluency) which are easily measured by a computer. Whilst IELTS Speaking places greater emphasis on replicating how we speak in a conversational setting.

Because of this classes are not mixed. We do however allow PTE students to attend some IELTS Writing Task 2 Classes as the essay component is similar between the two exams.

Do you guarantee that I will get the score I need in the exam?

Any school that tells you they guarantee you will get the scores is being dishonest. We guarantee the best and most personalised ongoing support for Melbourne based students of the PTE and IELTS exams. Our expert IELTS/ PTE tutors help ensure this.

Each student must "meet us halfway" and show the same level of dedication as their tutors, both in class at at home, to ensure results in the exam. Teamwork and hardwork are keywords at ENGLISH KEY.

I’d like to book a first class, so now what do I do?!

You are welcome to visit us at Level 6, 313 La Trobe Street, Melbourne so that we conduct a free consultation and level assessment. Alternately, call us on 0426-935-364 (Melbourne) to confirm you'd like to come to a first class and we will discuss your needs in the exam with you and propose a time based on your availability and current level.

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