Students who join English Key become part of our team. And for us there is nothing more rewarding that hearing that one of the English Key team has been able to achieve their PTE or IELTS scores for migration, study or work purposes.
  After taking 1 month course with English Key, I managed to get an overall score of 90 with 90 in each section as well. The tips and tricks that I learned from English Key helped me a lot in achieving a perfect score. They worked very hard on my weakest points which are Describe Image and Re-Tell Lecture of the Speaking Section.  

Lyle, Zimbabwe (Overall 90 in PTE)

  I got an overall score of 75 with 89 in Speaking which was a huge improvement for myself as I previously scored a 51 in Speaking. Thanks to English Key for all the great tips and tricks.  

Praveen, India (Overall 75 in PTE)

  I took 2 weeks intensive classes and even though I did not prepare well back home, I was able to score 85 with the tips and advice from the teachers.  

Ranjit, Nepal (Overall 85 in PTE)

  I love English Key because of the flexibility of classes that they offer and how much they helped me with my PTE exam. I got a perfect score of 90 across all sections and i think English Key deserves partial credit for that!  

Kapil, India (Overall 90 in PTE)

  I took one month unlimited course for IELTS from English Key and I received the result I needed- 8.5- reading and listening, 8- speaking and 7 in writing. Thank you John for providing such precise feedback and strategies to rectify my common mistakes. Highly recommended to all test takers. Thank you again  

Shifali, India (Overall 8 in IELTS)

  Joined the classes for a week and the results that I got were fabulous (90 in Speaking, and Listening, 89 in Reading and 81 in Writing with an overall of 90)..experienced and skillful staff made the learning experience very interactive and beneficial!  

Kshitij, India (Overall 90 in PTE)

  Attending each class improved my reading skills, building vocabulary and developed my communication in speaking module. Interactive sessions are more effective. Achieved overall 71.  

Kanmani, India (Overall 71 in PTE)

  A huge thank you to the team at English Key as I was able to achieve a perfect 90 (overall) in PTE. Their tips and tricks helped me in improving my writing score from 77 to a perfect 90.Once again, thank you English Key team! PTE-A: L 90 R 87 S 90 W 90  

Amit, India (Overall 90 in PTE)

  Thank you English Key! Just got my IELTS Academic results (R:9, W:7, L:9, S:7.5) and I'm over the moon! Thank you so much for all the help and support. All the teachers were so helpful and went out their way to help me and this wouldn't have been possible without your support. Thank you again.  

Anuruddha, Sri Lanka (Overall 8 in IELTS)

  I took the PTE academics exam for the first time and achieved the score I needed. All thanks to English Key and the courses they have designed to help out students with this exam. Simple courses with all the practice you need to achieve your desired score. Highly Recommended.  

Meera, India (Overall 70 in PTE)

  I aimed for 65 in PTE and I got 67 each in Listening, Reading, Speaking and 71 in Writing by attending just classes and now I am back again here for IELTS aiming 7.5 and I am pretty sure I will easily get it with strategies of English Key. Highly recommended.  

Malik, India (Overall 67 in PTE)

  I got 54 in PTE. The teachers are great.  

Sukhvir, India (Overall 54 in PTE)

  This is the right place to improve your English in general and for the exam. I took 2 weeks unlimited course for IELTS and got more than I needed. The staff is very helpful and the curriculum is up to date, I got exactly the same question in speaking exam as the one I was given for practice in one on one session. I am really happy.  

Akash, India (Overall 7 in IELTS)

  Thanks to John and team for helping me to get the score I needed and all the tips and support through out the course.  

Kavita, India (Overall 72 in PTE)

  Very good staff and useful tips for IELTS and PTE. Thanks guys. You helped me a lot, and I really recommend English Key for everyone who needs to improve his/her English language skills. Keep up the good job.  

Jaime, Colombia (Overall 85 in PTE)

  Really great place to prepare for PTE and IELTS. Superb team. Offers some valuable support and great flexibility. I've just had a great experience here. Sessions here helped me achieve 90 in PTE... 90 in listening, speaking & writing and 81 in reading.  

Ankit, India (Overall 90 in PTE)

  I needed a score of 50 overall, but i managed to achieved 74 overall. The most surprising thing was my speaking score which was 78. I really enjoyed studying at English key and being helped by highly qualified teachers to achieve my goal.  

Alberto, Italy (Overall 74 in PTE)

  I got the satisfying score. I was very happy with all of the classes here. I strongly believe that this school is the best IELTS preparation school in Melbourne with the cheapest price and the highest quality of teachers and classes.!!  

Tharatep, (Overall 6.5 in IELTS)

  Great team, they really understand your needs and work on them.Very supportive people and most important very efficient! they know what they do, they can help you with great strategies for each part of the PTE. I needed a 65 in each band and I got 73 in Listening, 90 in Reading, 74 in Speaking and 77 in Writing.Thank you guys  

Caroline, (Overall 79 in PTE)

  A really good place to practice and learn for IELTS & PTE especially because of the practice exercises and one-to-one sessions in addition to the mock tests available to us. Thank you so much English Key for helping me achieve my desired score.  

Dibyadeep, India (Overall 89 in PTE)

  It is always inspiring to see people achieve their goals in PTE/IELTS and English Key has facilitated this for numerous and would continue to do so for countless others. They not only have a clearly defined course structure, strategies, tips, class activities, mocks, homework, etc. but are also equipped with a team of highly effective, focused, approachable and encouraging teaching staff along with their supportive admin staff. I thank English Key again and wish them Good Luck in their future endeavours.  

Shilpa, India (Overall 85 in PTE)

  Aimed for 65 but got 79 on my first attempt. Great teachers and time schedule for full-time working people, teaching resources and mock test are really helpful as well. Good luck with your exam everyone!  

Duy, Vietnam (Overall 79 in PTE)

  English Key team is great at coaching and providing useful tips and strategies for PTE suitable for all levels of students. After a month here, I felt very confident and prepared to sit the exam. As a result, I managed to get all 90s in Reading, Speaking, Writing and Listening sections of the test, and it was my first try!  

Vlad, Kazakhstan (Overall 90 in PTE)

  I took the PTE Academic exam for the first time after a 2 week course. The course helped indeed in terms of explanation of the tactics, useful for the exam. I never wrote essays before but this point was addressed by the school very effectively. Especially useful, I could learn at this school also on Saturdays. Result after course L 88 R 81 S 88 W 75  

Alexandre, Germany (Overall 82 in PTE)

  Before taking a course at English Key my results in IELTS were 6.0 in Writing and 6.5 in Speaking but after my course I've reached 7.0 in Writing and 8.5 in Speaking with an overall 8.0. I liked the fact that the classes were small so we could all participate during class. The teachers were highly trained and were able to give us personalised advice in the lessons.  

Linda, Italy (Overall 8.0 in IELTS)

  PTE A Result: S:90 L:86 W:77 R:73 I took English Key's one month unlimited course and what I really like most about them? It's their classes' flexibility! I can still go to work, attend school and go to review sessions. The teachers were approachable, supportive and provided the students' constructive criticisms that helped us improve. Fees were also affordable and bang for the buck! I will definitely recommend it!  

Powell, Philippines (Overall 81 in PTE)

  I got 7.0 overall and I only needed a 6.0. I choose English Key because of the flexibility of the timetable. English Key was a good choice for me.  

Jenny, Vietnam (Overall 7.0 in IELTS)

  Believe me, this is the best place to prepare for PTE/IELTS exam. I was enrolled in one month unlimited classes which helped me a lot in every aspect. All the teachers here are very supportive and professional, especially classes with John are the best and I scored more than I needed!  

Bharat, India (Overall 66 in PTE)

  It was great fun getting to know a few teachers with different teaching methods and heaps of kind students with the same challenges - meanwhile I got the scores I needed in Academic IELTS: Reading 7, Writing 7, Speaking 8.5 and Listening 9!!! After previous attempts a couple of years ago with IELTS, I took the one month unlimited course to prepare and took the IELTS once.  

Zsuzsa, Hungary (Overall 8.0 in IELTS)

  I really found this English course helpful, especially with getting to know how you are are scored in IELTS and how to approach it. All the English Key teachers are very helpful and well educated. I got the score that I needed!  

Rajandeep, India (Overall 6.5 in IELTS)

  English Key's approach in teaching students helped me improve my monotonous reading habit and boosted my confidence in speaking to someone randomly in a time-pressured situation. It also gave me ideas on how to describe graphs.  

Jose, Philippines (Overall 75 in PTE)

  I really liked that classes were very flexible and that I was able to have face to face classes with teachers and was able to get feedback.  

Anna, Poland (Overall 7.0 in IELTS)

  English Key offers a very flexible schedule. This has allowed me to attend classes despite my busy work schedule. In terms of their teaching methods, I have really learned a lot. The instructors were very knowledgeable and accommodating to their students. If you want to get the band score you need, I highly recommend you go to English Key.  

Lyle, Philippines (Overall 6.5 in IELTS)

  I feel great taking the IELTS exam for the 1st time and got a band score of 7.0. Would have been impossible without the help of English Key. The teaching skill is superb. There is no pressure. The teaching manner is very friendly and professional.  

Jesrael, Philippines (Overall 7.0 in IELTS)

  My problem was in Writing that's why I came to English Key for help. The kind of homework they gave me and helping me to find my pattern of mistakes in writing helped me to get through these struggles and at the point I wanted to.  

Armin, (Overall 7.5 in IELTS)

  I got scores of 90 for all four components in the PTE test. Classes conducted by English Key were informative, interactive and very enjoyable. The teachers are experienced and always willing to help students achieve their individual goals.  

Melissa, Malaysia (Overall 90 in PTE)

  I took one month unlimited course with English Key and I got my desired score in just two weeks time. Such great teaching staff, absolutely loved it!!  

Satnam, India (Overall 67 in PTE)

  Many thanks for your hard work and dedication on helping us achieve our results! You are an amazing team and I wish you the best in all your future endeavours.  

Alejandro, Ecuador (Overall 8.0 in IELTS)

  English Key's innovative teaching method which helps students raise awareness of their mistakes and other common mistakes was definitely effective and I would definitely recommend their classes to anyone who is trying to improve their IELTS score.  

VIET, VIETNAM (Overall 7.5 in IELTS)

  I am very delighted for the final result. I eventually achieve my goal! The teachers at English Key are the best English teachers I have ever had. With their effective teaching method, my English level has improved significantly. Achieving this score is the best proof of their teaching method and the effort that they put into teaching your students proper English. I really respect them.  

Nancy, CHINA (Overall 7.5 in IELTS)

  Finally I have got my desired IELTS test results. It is sheer due to your teacher's ability to identify my patterns of mistakes. I am truly thankful to them for believing in me and encouraging me to do the good work. Hats of to you my "gurus" which is a way to address teachers in Indian Culture. I will surely visit you and recommend you for any struggling aspirant.  

Tarun, INDIA (Overall 7.5 in IELTS)

  I was fortunate to come across English Key´s IELTS preparation courses. The time in these sessions allowed me learn the breakdown of how to construct an IELTS essay as well as various strategies to use when working on the other 3 components. Their feedback was always constructive and encouraging. English Key are exceptional at what they do. Give them a go!  

Lucy , VIETNAM (Overall 8.0 in IELTS)

  I was lucky enough to stumble across English Key and my scores improved by 1 point! This can only be attributed to the native, English speaking tutors, endless patience and dedication supported by huge amounts of personalised homework!  

Mags, Slovakia (Overall 8.5 in IELTS)

  I cannot thank you guys enough. I could not have done it without all your help. I definitely think you guys are doing a fantastic job with this course, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their IELTS scores.  

Isabelle, Thailand (Overall 9.0 in IELTS)

  English Key's classes were very helpful during my IELTS Exam preparation process, they were a determinant factor to improve my writing skills. Their advice, guideline and challenging reviews encouraged me to compete with myself and try to write better. A great and valuable experience. Thanks a lot to all the team!  

Carlos, Venezuala (Overall 8.0 in IELTS)

  My results would not have been possible without the help, support and guidance of the team at English Key. I highly recommend my friends and others who are struggling to get their required scores to seek guidance and learn techniques from your team of Australian expert teachers.  

Muhammad, Pakistan (Overall Overall 73 in PTE)

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