Our Method

Our Method

introducing English key's POMAT© Corrector System

Whether you need 6, 7 or 8 in IELTS or equivalent in PTE, the team at English Key have developed the unique POMAT© Corrector System that has consistently proven to help Melbourne and Adelaide students speed up achieving success on exam day.

Whilst working as tutors with many 1000s of students over recent years, we have identified and listed 15 - 40 POMs (Patterns of Mistakes) that students unwittingly repeat again and again in each section of both the PTE and IELTS exams.

Students make these Patterns of Mistakes because of two main things:

  • they have fallen victim to the tricks the examiner uses
  • there are specific weaknesses in the student's English

The question then is: what are those examiner's tricks? And where are those weaknesses?
POMAT provides the answer.

Example of the POMAT© Corrector System.

Let’s take the example of a student called Pragash who receives corrections for an PTE or IELTS writing essay and is automatically overwhelmed by the number of corrections (let’s say there are 19 corrections) to grammar, vocabulary, linking expressions and essay structure.
Identifying the POMS:
Through the POMAT© methodology, the teacher is able to show Pragash that in actual fact he is only making 6 mistakes but, critically, repeating them over and over again.
The teacher then supports Pragash by analysing each of the 6 types of mistakes and explaining how to avoid them next time.
Finally Pragash is supported for the length of his course with:
  • in class activities,
  • weekly one to one teacher guidance,
  • corrections, score and feedback for an unlimited amount of essays,
  • personally selected homework exercises.

These four areas of support help Pragash to target his Patterns of Mistakes, so that he can avoid the same mistakes in his future essays and improve his score on the day of the exam.
The unique POMAT© Corrector System functions as a map that guides students to identify, understand, and overcome their shortcomings in the exam.
This methodology has consistently proven to save time, prevent confusion and help our students to achieve their scores.
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